Tip: hire a videographer for your wedding

D James Wedding VideographyAre you wondering whether you should hire a wedding videographer? I wondered this, and wondered, and wondered some more — it seemed like an awful lot of money to spend ON TOP OF the cost of photography.

Well, if you are currently in a similar situation, let me provide some guidance. Just DO it. Hire a videographer for your wedding. You won’t regret it, so long as you put some thought into hiring the right professional.

We’ve been married a little over six months and I’ll be honest, there are a number of things we wish we’d done differently. But we’re so glad we had Derek Carlson there to capture our big day. He literally saved the day here, folks. (More on that later…) He was able to capture so much more than the photographers — and he makes the whole thing look effortless, which I most appreciate. What do I mean by that?

View our wedding “highlights” video (a six-minute overview, centered on our vows). That’s what I mean.

He’s based in Tucson, Arizona, but he travels. If you’re looking for a wedding (or event) photographer, Derek has our full endorsement. The coolest thing? He’s agreed to provide me with some of his tips for how to go about planning the videography for your wedding, as a service to brides who are in the middle of the chaos of wedding planning (and budgeting). So check back soon. But first, if you’re planning a desert wedding, you really ought to take a few minutes to check out some of his recent work.

You’re welcome.

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