Happy 33rd anniversary, Mom and Dad Sturgis!


HAPPY 33rd anniversary, Keith and Angie Sturgis!

Quite an accomplishment, particularly in 2014. We three kids have spent our entire lives reaping the blessings of your commitment to one another. We benefit from your example and your shared determination to stick together, through thick and thin, and we know enough to know that it’s far from easy.

wedding anniversary quote

We admire and appreciate the qualities you demonstrate to each other… love, trust, partnership, tolerance, and tenacity. As soon as I saw this image I knew I had to share it.

(I plan to follow up with more on this living example of love and commitment, but for now, please enjoy this picture of two of the happiest grandparents in the entire world.)

Love you, Mom and Dad. Thanks for everything.

A delayed shout-out to Elysia

Anyone following the recent shenanigans over the Honor Flight access to WWII Memorial should check out this first-person account. Elysia chatted with us at a recent recruitment fair and then came out to the WWII Memorial on October 2 to greet several groups of Honor Flight veterans.

Her blog post is titled “Greatest Generation.”

The crowd clapped, gave the veterans their flags, shook their hands and said, “Thank you for your service” again and again. One gentleman was overwhelmed at the crowd, the reception, and what I imagine was his first glimpse of the Memorial. When he started to cry, so did I.

Read Elysia’s whole piece here.