Vote for Puggle, and we won’t ask another favor (for 6 months)

Puggle with his antlersFacebook friends (and IRL friends): are y’all the type who send emails ALL. THE. TIME. asking your friends to vote for your entries in various pageants and shenanigans? If so – everyone hates you.

Meanwhile, Puggle has entered his *FIRST* ever contest, only because the prize is a moose antler from Acadia Antlers, one of our all-time favorite companies, and he’d appreciate your vote. AND. As his campaign manager and Internet representative, we hereby promise not to ask for another Puggle-relatedvote of any sort for a minimum of six months.

It’s so easy, promise.

Do you have a Facebook account?

    If yes:

Click this link. Click “vote.”

    If no:

It’s 2014. Get a Facebook account.

Do you have a pup? Buy him or her a Moose antler. Acadia Antlers is a small company – and a woman-owned company – owned by the lovely Carol P.

The small text: Voting ends today (Sunday March 16!). Vote once per day. No, we weren’t being cruel and forcing Puggle to admire that pile ‘o antlers… just snapping a picture of the antlers we pictured for Christmas gifts (2013) for our four-legged friends and cousins. Puggle ended up with the lion’s share of that pile, we assure you.

Additional ways to participate: Enter your own pup in the contest here. (Yes, we’re equal opportunity like that.)

BarkBox! New subscribers, save $10!

I’m not naming names, or anything, but some of us aren’t always prompt with our gifting. If said gifting involves a dog owner, you’re in luck. Enter BarkBox.

barkbox puggle may 2013

Now through December 31, any new BarkBox subscriber saves $10 on any subscription (one month, three months, or six months) by signing up via my referral link .

What is BarkBox? It’s a monthly care package for your dog. It’s an easy way to provide the pooch in your life with high-quality, made-in-USA dog products – without leaving the comfort of your home. It’s seriously our favorite package to arrive via USPS.

We’ve received moose antlers, bully sticks, rawhides, gourmet biscuits, shampoo, stuffed toys, and more in the 18 months that Puggle has received BarkBox.

We’ll write up all the reasons we love it later, but for now, hurry and get subscribin’ – and then print out your order and deliver it to your lovely spouse/parent/colleague. Perhaps with a bit of ribbon. See how thoughtful you are!

BarkBox image

PS this is a special “Double Discount,” available only in December and only to new BarkBox subscribers. The regular discount for signing up via a referral link is $5. It’s our understanding that the $5 discount will resume beginning January 1, 2014. Questions? Email

More pictures of the puppies

blue boy and puggle 10.20.13For those following along at home, the Ginger-Piston puppies are now seven weeks old and will soon be heading to their new homes. As predicted, I’m heartbroken that Josh is only keeping one, and make no promises I won’t flee the country with all nine puppies in the back of my Ford Fiesta.

Regardless. Even though Josh won’t commit to which puppy is his – I have a few thoughts on the matter – he’s already blogging from the puppy’s point of view. And today he posted a few candid pictures that I took during our Fidos & Felines professional photo shoot (thanks, David!).

Check out Josh’s blog – and the latest batch of pictures – here: Picture Day: Lots of ISSR Shiloh Shepherds!

Puggle’s PetSmart Halloween Costume… & our first-ever Giveaway!

20131017-231757.jpgLike many pups, Puggle is not a huge fan of Halloween. He’s required to wear a costume for approximately 15 minutes per calendar year. It’s not a bad deal, considering the privileges he enjoys here at the Sturgis household.

Pugggle was a cowboy in 2011 and an elephant in 2012.

This year, thanks to PetSmart, he’s Tigger

He’s not a particularly cheerful Tigger, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate PetSmart providing us with the costume, which we received at BlogHer 2013. The costume is durable, flexible, and washable.

The best part? One of you is going to win a Puggle dog costume, too, courtesy of PetSmart. That’s right – this marks our very first Giveaway!

{GIVEAWAY details & disclosure}

PetSmart has generously offered one reader the opportunity to win a Halloween goodie package, including a dog costume and a dog toy.

To enter, leave a comment on this post with your name and your email address. This contest is open to readers in the United States; it will close at 11:59 PM EST on October 20, 2013.

This is a “sponsored post” for PetSmart. All thoughts and opinions are my own, etc etc. I’m disclosing this in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255. PetSmart is responsible for shipping the prize to the winner, and provided I send them the winner’s address by Oct 21, the winner will receive the package in time for the Halloween holiday.

PROPS to Sarah at Capitally Frugal for providing guidance for my first-ever Blog Giveaway. She assures me the above disclosures are sufficient and will keep me out of jail.


PS  Through October 22, enter your pet in the Monster Cute Facebook Contest for a chance to win $10,000! More information here.

Unveiled: Puggle’s 2013 Photo Shoot

You read about Puggle’s photo shoot with the talented David Brooks  of Fidos and Felines.

Now, you can see for yourself the results…

Puggle’s Photo Shoot: teeny tiny sneak peek

Fido.Felines.Instagram.Teaser.Puggle.5yrMy little man turns five years old on July 5, 2013.

As you might imagine, we’re doing what any reasonable family would do – rather, what any reasonable family would do if they owned the world’s most perfect Puggle. We’re celebrating the occasion with a legit photo shoot to capture the little man’s adorable-ness, before his muzzle turns completely gray. Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone is a magical thing. But Instagram just can’t capture the full Puggle-dynamic.

Pictured here is the “sneak peek” from yesterday’s photo shoot. Yes, he’s that cute in real life. And no, Frannie, PETA will not return your call when you try to contact them to report the abusive bow-tie situation.

But. What I want to tell you is this: if you need a pet photographer, I know just the guy. His name is David Brooks.

David, of David Brooks Photography, kindly volunteered to take photos of pets at my vet’s office for a fundraiser. It was a “Have Your Pet’s Picture Taken with the Easter Bunny” type of situation. And yes, it was as ridiculous as it sounds. Namely because the Easter Bunny looked as though he escaped from an insane asylum. But the funds raised were donated to the Christian Veterinary Mission, and the “Have Your Pet’s Picture Taken with Santa Claus” the year prior was super fantastic, so Puggle and I drove to the vet’s office and met the freaking Easter Bunny. More importantly, however, we met David.

Turns out, David Brooks is a sport-y style of photographer with two pups of his own, and he’s passionate about pet photography. He’s launching “Fidos & Felines” and you should view some of his work here.

Puggle and I scheduled a session in May, which was promptly rained out. David re-scheduled us at his and our earliest availability, which was yesterday (6-16-13…Father’s Day). We had his undivided attention for nearly 3 hours and it was super fun. You know how pets can be a little like their owners? Well, Puggle and I tend to trend a tad… neurotic. It takes a special touch, if you see what I’m saying, and David has it. The photography skills are important – but he’s also a chill, likable, personable, adorable dude.

Stay tuned for a peek at the finished product – or, if you absolutely can’t wait, check out our secret photo album of “behind-the-scenes” action. If you contact David to book your pet’s photo shoot, be sure to tell him Puggle sent you.

22-month old twins + 2 hyperactive dogs

abby.2.16.13 …what could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Puggle and I hung out with Abby and Emma on Saturday, and it was the best. time. ever. These two little humans are right at Puggle’s eye level, and they smell like food. Even better, they often HAVE food, in one form or another.

Here, Puggle waits patiently for Abby to drop a crumb or two. We took a bunch of pictures of our adventure and will share a few of them here.

Under construction

family treeIt’s been a while, blogosphere, but I’m back.

Hold on to your seats, and check back soon.