Resolved: Not everyone is mean

wmata.pass.2.12.13Tuesday, February 12 was just another 10-hour day at the office, which followed an even longer Monday at the office, which followed another weekend that never quite lasts long enough to put even the smallest dent in one’s “to-do” list.

It was raining. I was tired. I bemoaned my choice to take the Metro into work when I could have easily driven, then remembered I was making an effort to a) save money and b) walk a few extra steps. [Metro is a money-saver, but only because I now live near enough a station to walk; when I take mass-transit, I save $5.80 per day, or $29 per week. The current ratio is 3 days driving to 2 days metroing, which I’ll explain later. Try and contain your excitement.]

So. I decided to reload my SmarTrip card.  When the WMATA machine ate my crisp $10 bill without crediting my metro card, I sighed and fished another one out of my wallet. Then, I thought better of it and went to the small, grimy bulletproof cage where a WMATA employee (sometimes) sits. A kind-looking middle-aged guy sprang out of the cage. He heard my story – which I believe both started and ended with “I really hate the Metro” and included one tiny little tear – and then he managed to attach the $10 value to my card. And then he wrote me this lovely little Metro pass, while saying something along the lines of, “I really don’t want you to be upset. Everything will be ok.”

Which is why this post is titled, “Not everyone is mean.” Because, even in DC – even though everyone lies – not everyone is mean. And sometimes that is all too easy to forget.