MAIL CALL! {Veteran’s Day 2015}

MAIL CALLAt Honor Flight Capital Region, we’re coordinating a special VETERAN’S DAY MAIL CALL so that each of our veterans receives a card (or two!) in honor of Veteran’s Day (Nov 11).

You’re invited to join! It’s simple.

Mail as many cards or letters as you like to this address:

4901 Silo Road
Alexandria, VA 22310

We need to receive all mail no later than Nov. 4, 2015.

We will package it and distribute to our honored WWII veterans as an acknowledgement of their service to our country. Our goal is to reach all veterans who participated in an HFCR trip, and also to deliver a surplus to the Armed Forces Retirement Home in DC.

Questions? Email

What my dad was doing at age 18

My father enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on his 18th birthday, in the fall of 1971.

This photograph was taken to commemorate Boot Camp graduation. Most of these young men shipped out to Vietnam shortly thereafter. Many never returned.

Toward the end of Boot Camp, Dad was selected for additional training as a 0331 Machine Gunner, so he never made it to Vietnam; at the conclusion of his training, new Marines were no longer being deployed.

I keep his USMC yearbook on my coffee table; I store his dog tags in the top drawer of my desk; I carry his patriotism in my blood.

Thanks, Dad.Dad USMC 1971 jpg

Join DCA Honor Flight Volunteers on 10-11-14

Y’all! Here’s your chance – one of the final chances of the 2014 Honor Flight season.

Join us at the WWII Memorial on Sat Oct 11, any time between 9 am and 4 pm, to greet more than 300 WWII and Korea War Veterans. (Yes, that’s Dad Sturgis, who flew to town to participate in an Honor Flight greeting in September.)

Check out the Facebook event for complete details on our 10-11-14 event, and check out this post for ways you can support Honor Flight.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

This happened… we (finally) moved into our new home! And we remember why people only move when they absolutely have to.. it’s been quite an adventure. We aren’t sure how long this house will be home, but we’re excited for this chapter.

Local friends, a BBQ is in the works. Stay tuned!

… Clap along if you love looking for every last receipt

That “clap along if you feel” tune is catchy. Admit it. You know which tune I’m referencing. You know… “Clap along if you feel / like happiness is the truth…”

It’s upbeat, and I can dig it. That said, it’s this version I’m unable to get out of my head. Well played, Remy. Well played.

Clap along if you just want to
high five and say shucks.
When the State Department
can’t locate $6 billion bucks.

Send a Christmas card to veterans

christmas.tree.veteramsHonor Flight Capital Region, a brand-new hub that will service veterans in the greater DC area, today announced a project designed to bring a little holiday cheer to our nation’s oldest Veterans.

Send Christmas cards to the following address, and they will be hand-delivered to residents of the Armed Forces Retirement Home:

Honor Flight Capital Region
3051 Idaho Ave, NW, #216
Washington, DC 20016

The delivery is set for Sat. Dec. 21, and as such, you’ll need to get your cards in the mail stat – they’re needed no later than Fri. Dec. 20.

LIKE the group on Facebook, and, while you’re at it, consider a donation on the Honor Flight Capital Region website.

Direct any questions to


Rolling Thunder rocked today’s “Super Saturday” DCA Honor Flight greeting

Thanks to the good folks from Rolling Thunder Maryland Chapter 2 who showed up and helped us give a resounding welcome to FOUR different Honor Flights as they arrived at the WWII Memorial downtown DC today.

DC-area folks: Honor Flight needs YOU!

p1671908292-o635283592-3It’s been nearly a year since I invited myself aboard the volunteer leadership team of the DCA Honor Flight Ground Crew. I’ve been blessed to meet (and hug!) some of our nation’s finest WWII and Korean War Veterans, and I’ve been humbled by the generosity of the local folks who give their time to this cause.

(Unfamiliar with HonorFlight? Watch this trailer.)

We’ve wrapped the 2013 Spring Season and are on a summer recess until mid-August, when flights resume faster than we can keep up.

One of my favorite questions:

How can I support the efforts of the DCA Honor Flight Ground Crew?


Well, this isn’t a comprehensive list, but it’s a start:

1. Check the schedule of upcoming DCA Honor Flights and attend a greeting.
2. Tell your friends /neighbors/synagogue/quilting club about the opportunity to volunteer at a DCA Honor Flight greeting.
3. View the film, Honor Flight: One Last Mission, in a theater. Current screenings are listed here.
4. No screening near you? Host a screening!
5. Buy the film – currently $9.99 at iTunes and $12.99 at Amazon.
6. Buy more copies of the film. Gift them to the Veterans in your life.
7. Make a donation at
8. Encourage folks who live outside the DC area to get involved with Honor Flight in their community.
9. “Like” the DCA Honor Flight Facebook page.
10. If you have an idea that isn’t listed here, or a suggestion, email me directly at DanielleSturgis (at)


We have big plans for the current DCA Honor Flight website, so stay tuned. I’m starting small, by posting a FAQ here, along with other supportive information about how folks can help.

Final DCA Honor Flight vol. opportunities in June

DC-area friends! 1001641_547179262009343_382560207_nThe following 3 events are your final volunteer opportunities of the spring season.  (Because July and August are so hot, most Honor Flight activity ceases until the end of August.)
  1. Tues, June 18 6:30 pm DCA Terminal A Land of Lincoln Honor Flight…Facebook event here:
  2. Thurs, June 20  9 am DCA Terminal A  Great River Honor Flight… Facebook event here:
  3. Tues, June 25 5:30 pm DCA Terminal A Greater St Louis Honor Flight…Facebook event here:
If you can’t make it out, would you do me a favor and click on the Facebook events and invite local friends who might be interested?

We’ll hit the ground running with a heavy schedule of flights into DCA. View the Honor Flight DCA schedule here:

Suggestions & questions are always welcome; contact me directly at DanielleSturgis at!

Pictured above: this girl was visiting the WWII Memorial on Sat June 8 with a group of school kids. They joined our group of DCA Honor Flight volunteers and greeted/hugged/honored 100 WWII and Korean War Veterans from Honor Flight Philadelphia.  Pictured below: Mr Hughes, a regular DCA Honor Flight volunteer, offered a veteran a handshake.
Thanks to Mary Fowler for the wonderful photography. View the entire album here.

DC friends: Join us Tuesday for HonorFlight


DC friends! Here’s a great opportunity to see Honor Flight firsthand. It’s a super rare event in that it’s…. almost 4 hours long. But no one need stay the entire time (except yours truly, the humble event coordinator).

Pop by DCA Terminal A if you can. You won’t be disappointed.

Details below and also at the Facebook event.

Honor Flight: Greet Veterans from St Louis, central Illinois, and eastern Iowa

Join us outside DCA Terminal A on Tues, May 21 to greet three separate groups of HonorFlight vets as they return to DCA to catch their respective flights home. Come whenever you can, and leave at any time… We’ll be there from 4:45 – 8:30!

Around 5 pm, a group of WWII vets from St Louis will arrive at DCA Terminal A, on charter buses, to catch their flight home.

Then, at 6:30, a separate group of WWII vets from central Illinois will arrive via bus to DCA Terminal A.

Finally, at 8:30 pm, a third group of WWII vets from eastern Iowa will arrive at Terminal A.

We’ll gather outside Terminal A and cheer them on as they walk from the buses into the Terminal. American flags will be provided! Just show up!

Questions? Suggestions? Contact Danielle Sturgis via cell (571-425-0597) or via email:!

-Please feel free to attend ANY and ALL Honor Flight greetings! There are MANY opportunities, morning and evening. Full schedule here.