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An insightful article from The Matt Walsh Blog.

“Nothing is easy, Haters. Everything is earned. They have it because they earned it. You don’t because you didn’t. Deal with it.”

Why Weight Watchers works

replace every negative thoughtWeight Watchers is about much more than food – it’s about habits and about support. It isn’t one of those “buy your food from us forever” programs (ahem, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, DietToGo) and there are no “forbidden” foods.

To me, those are a few of the major reasons folks see results from Weight Watchers.

But as I logged into Facebook  earlier today and saw this gem – “Replace every negative thought with a positive one” – I realized another potential reason behind Weight Watchers’ recent popularity with young folks: their use of popular networking sites and general online space.

Connecting with one’s audience is easier said than done – anyone who’s ever tried to create content for a website or fan page of any sort can back that up. And if you’re talking about something as uniquely personal as weight, diet, or appearance, it’s another level of holy hell.

But the Weight Watchers web strategists seem to have struck a balance: they provide fans with a sense of community on the “public” social networks without going into detail, and they offer their paying members another layer of support via their private website (where you need a Weight Watchers account to view the material and forums).

If you’re looking to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds, check out Weight Watchers. Because it works!

Motivate yourself to exercise: Start an exercise blog

Even my thoughts come in bullet-pointed lists these days.

Many of those thoughts are reasons I ought to walk the dog another mile… a list that usually starts with “making my darned Weight Watchers-provided ActiveLink light up” and ends with a generalization about how people who exercise are less likely to gorge themselves on Birthday-flavored Oreos.

But I digress.

Since I’ve started following this handy Twitter list of BlogHer attendees – follow it here – I’ve become even more smitten with lists, due in part to the fact that most other BlogHer attendees publish their lists, rather than writing them in the Memo section of their iPhones while waiting in line at Trader Joes and promptly forgetting to do anything with them until they are no longer timely.

So. That being said. Head over to KimberlyFitness.com and check out this list!

5 Ways To Get Yourself To Exercise Regularly (that actually work)

It jumped out at me because I only love lists when they’re pragmatic – and this one is completely legit. My favorite is number 2, below:

2.  Start an exercise blog

When we journal, we tend to be more invested in our lives, or what we are doing.  Creating a simple blog where you can post a quick blurb about your daily workout, what you ate that day, how you felt, or you can even take pictures… It will help you feel like you are on a journey, writing your own story about your fitness accomplishments, and will help you feel more committed to what you are doing.

As I’ve written, the beauty of a list – to me, anyway –  is its ability to motivate a variety of individuals with concrete-but-still-subjective categories. And I, for one, see a lot of value in harnessing the Interwebs for positive purposes such as health and fitness. Not certain it’s having the desired impact on yours truly, but it’s certainly not hurting.

So get off your but. Get running – and/or blogging! – just as soon as you’ve read the entire piece.

Resolved: that 2013 will be a healthful year

before January 1, 2013: This, friends, is the “before” picture.

Twenty pounds lighter than I was five years ago. A few pounds heavier than I ought to be.

90 days of bootcamp begins… now. OK… less bootcamp and more “Couch to 5K.”

In related news: Groupon, we may be witnessing the violent and sudden death of our relationship.