Noted: Women can do whatever the hell they want

On March 20, Bryan Goldberg  wrote an article titled An Article About Gender, Written By A Man. He has four observations. The last is the most meaningful. I’ve excerpted it below:

An article about gender, written by a man

…Observation No. 4: Women can do whatever the hell they want

Perhaps my greatest observation in hiring and working with women is this: Women can do whatever the hell they want with their lives and careers, and it’s not my place or Sheryl Sandberg’s place to say otherwise.

Have there been moments when I tried to hire a woman as an early leader at one of my startups, only to have her turn me down for a more “ordinary” job at a big company? Yes. And did it disappoint the hell out of me? Absolutely.

But, you know what? That’s her choice, and she can manage her own set of personal preferences however she wants, and it’s not my place to judge.

…I know a lot of women who put happiness pretty far up their list of priorities. And I am in no position to tell them otherwise.

Will there ever be a day when women start half the venture-backed companies in Silicon Valley? Or represent half the executives on Wall Street? Maybe.

But until you have watched a sunset in New York from your Wall Street office and realized “my day is only halfway done,” then you cannot imagine the misery — yes, misery — that a lot of bankers and executives endure in order to feel valuable.

Women are plenty capable of doing those jobs and succeeding at those jobs. But Sandberg’s vision is predicated on women wanting that life in equal numbers as their male peers. If there’s one thing I’ve learned working closely with a lot of women, it is this — do not tell women what to do with their lives and careers.

And that applies to Sheryl Sandberg as much as it does to me.

Well said, Bryan Goldberg.

Meanwhile, I’m bookmarking PandoDaily to further investigate later.