Happy birthday, Phil Schreier

2111In January 2007, I answered the phone at my desk at the CPAC office and heard the voice of Phil Schreier, who was working to help a handful of Wounded Warriors attend the conference.

My life has never been the same. Everyone who knows Phil knows he’s a game changer.

I see him for regular dates at Chick-fil-A; most folks see him regularly on the Military Channel or American Rifleman TV.

Sure, Phil’s a military historian and author. But he’s one of the few people I know who cannot be done justice on any resume or biography. Still, for those who aren’t blessed to know Phil, two quick jewels from his crown of accomplishments: In 2003, he went to Iraq as an embedded journalist; in 2009, he served as a war correspondent in Afghanistan with the 1st MEB.

Between those missions, he’s opened his home and his heart to countless friends. Phil was one of two major players who helped me get my job at NRA HQ, and leaving that job was bittersweet for many reasons, with one of the top reasons being the fact that I’d no longer be in close (daily) proximity to Phil.


In 2009, I threw a surprise party to commemorate his 20th anniversary at the NRA. In 2012, I helped his mother throw a birthday brunch to celebrate a certain milestone.

Both of these resulted in what his friends know as “Phil Fits” because Phil, it turns out, doesn’t much like to be celebrated.


Happy birthday, Phil, and thanks for sharing your family, friends, shotgun(s), hounds, and humor with me over the past six years. I love you forever. XO