#Hashtag your wedding

HashtagWe forgot to do a lot of things, the day of our wedding. This is really nothing unique — despite best intentions and checklists — any large event is going to have a detail or two slip through the cracks. You know this, because you are a reasonable person. Right? Well, if you are planning a wedding, I recommend you start reminding yourself of this fact on a regular basis. Some details won’t get done. And NO. ONE. BUT. YOU. will. notice. And yes, when people tell you this, that you are the only one with mental checklists of details, you will silently curse them.

But still. We forgot a few things, the venue forgot a few things (more on that later), and it was a phenomenal day, and no one dared complain. But one notable bummer is that we forgot to put out the cute signage that invited guests to use #SturgisSchubringWedding on any social media images.

Happily, our hashtag still yielded a healthy crop of candid shots from our special day. Why? Because the people who are ON social media — who follow you on Twitter and Instagram, and who know that it’s Facebook and not MyFace — they see you use it, or they follow other guests who know it, and they figure it out. So, cheesy or not, I thoroughly recommend you consider a hashtag. And post it somewhere (tastefully, of course) if you think of it. Because whether you spend big money on a professional photographer or not, you’ll want to see some of the shots from the field.

Trust me on this.

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