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I’m the middle of three daughters (Kayla-Danielle-Becca) and the only one to have escaped good ‘ol southwestern Illinois. I left in 2003.

The Sturgis Homestead is a Sears Roebuck Kit Home that has been lovingly remodeled by my father. Here, we’re in the front yard in 2012, shortly after a windstorm knocked over a massive oak tree, which narrowly missed the house. This is one of the last pictures of our family before it expanded into the next generation; Kayla welcomed baby Addilyn Ruby on Sunday, January 20, 2013.

Here, Addilyn Ruby is pictured at age two weeks.


And again in 2015 as my Flower Girl, at (almost) three years old.Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 11.26.32 PM

One perk of being the last of the sisters to get married? I had a built-in Flower Girl : ) Addilyn welcomed a little sister, EmmaLeigh, on May 1, 2015.

My own little sister, Becca, gave birth to our beloved Lucy Catherine in November 2014. That’s right, the current tally is two sisters and THREE nieces. And I love all of them to the end of the Earth.


Here we are (Kayla-Becca-Danielle) at Becca’s wedding in July

And here’s the immediate family at my wedding, October 2015. Don’t worry — lots more pictures (and video) to come, in case you want to check out our fabulous wedding festivitiesfam


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