about me

Hsnow puggle 2013i! I’m Danielle. I’m a Cubs fan, I’m 100% debt free, and I evangelize optimism, all thanks to two terribly uncool parents.

I grew up in Belleville, Illinois, just east of St. Louis, Missouri.

Today, I live and work near Washington, DC. Read about my day job here.

This blog, of course, is a personal blog.

This means you’ll read about the things I do and love when I’m not at the office. These topics, in no particular order, include my family, competitive bargain shopping (my only sport), Weight Watchers, and Honor Flight. Oh, and the Sturgis Schubring Wedding. Lots to come on that topic, including DIY tips and vendor reviews.

Thanks for stopping by.

questions? compliments? drop me a line at daniellesturgis (at) gmail.com.

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