Join DCA Honor Flight Volunteers on 10-11-14

Y'all! Here's your chance - one of the final chances of the 2014 Honor Flight season. Join us at the WWII Memorial on Sat Oct 11, any time between 9 am and 4 pm, to greet more than 300 WWII and Korea War Veterans. (Yes, that's Dad Sturgis, who flew to town to participate in an Honor Flight … [continue]

From the Washington Times: “Coal miners: the forgotten men”


My father spent over 20 years working in the coal mines of southwestern Illinois. He could undoubtedly talk circles around any of our elected officials on the topic of coal – on energy, safety, technology, and so on. [Pictured here: my father, mom, sister, and me, Christmas 1985, early in my father’s coal mining career.] […]


This just in… we’re engaged!

So… a very delayed – and very exciting – announcement. On March 22, 2014, my best friend Josh Schubring asked me to marry him. (I said yes.) We’re planning a wedding for Fall 2015 in Tucson, Arizona. Details TK! Post by Danielle Sturgis.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

This happened… we (finally) moved into our new home! And we remember why people only move when they absolutely have to.. it’s been quite an adventure. We aren’t sure how long this house will be home, but we’re excited for this chapter. Local friends, a BBQ is in the works. Stay tuned! Post by Danielle […]


DCA Honor Flight events, May 14-21, 2014

screen capture...

There are so many great opportunities to greet Honor Flight veterans at DCA in the next few weeks that I’m not even listing them all here – rather, I’ll send you to the Facebook page, which lists specific greetings for DCA and also the WWII Memorial downtown. All are welcome – as my mother would […]


Happy first anniversary, Josh

**I starting writing a letter to Josh in late February 2014, with plans to post it in celebration of our first anniversary (March 29, 2014). I’m just now sharing an excerpt, because we’ve been busy celebrating our engagement (March 22, 2014) and also the purchase of our first home (closed on April 29, 2014). Hooray!** […]


… Clap along if you love looking for every last receipt

That “clap along if you feel” tune is catchy. Admit it. You know which tune I’m referencing. You know… “Clap along if you feel / like happiness is the truth…” It’s upbeat, and I can dig it. That said, it’s this version I’m unable to get out of my head. Well played, Remy. Well played. … […]


Dave Barnes in DC tonight, 4-11-14

Josh and I are seeing Dave Barnes play at The Hamilton tonight. (Note: the site is showing a few Standing Room tickets are still available for tonight’s performance.) It’s a venue worth checking out, and Barnes is an artist worth checking out. This is a rare recommendation, coming from a girl who has a generally agreeable […]


Happy 33rd anniversary, Mom and Dad Sturgis!


HAPPY 33rd anniversary, Keith and Angie Sturgis! Quite an accomplishment, particularly in 2014. We three kids have spent our entire lives reaping the blessings of your commitment to one another. We benefit from your example and your shared determination to stick together, through thick and thin, and we know enough to know that it’s far […]


Remember that one time when I won the #MarchMadness Office Pool?

March Madness 2013 winning bracket

In 2013, much to EVERYONE’s surprise, I won my office’s March Madness pool. Why do I say “to EVERYONE’s surprise?” Because, if you had a gun to my head, I couldn’t name a modern-day basketball player. I don’t know if this competition is college basketball or … um… national league (?) basketball. Sadly, the above […]